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Cream of the Crop Gardens
Cream of the Crop Gardens
Flower - Hybrid

Cannabinoid Profile Tested

  • CBD <DL
  • CBG 0.31%
  • CBD-A 0.15%
  • CBN <DL
  • D8-THC <DL
  • CBC 0.04%
  • THC-A 25.17%
  • THC 0.47%
  • THCV <DL
  • CBDV <DL
  • CBGA 1.11%

Terpene Profile Not Tested

Bisabolol N/A
Camphene N/A
Carene N/A
Caryophyllene N/A
Geraniol N/A
Linalool N/A
Myrcene N/A
Nerolidol N/A
Ocimene N/A
a-Pinene N/A
Guiaol N/A
Humulene N/A
Cymene N/A
Isopulegol N/A
Limonene N/A
a-Terpinene N/A
y-Terpinene N/A
Terpinolene N/A
b-Pinene N/A

Residual Solvents Not Tested

Methanol N/A
Ethanol N/A
Pentane N/A
Ether N/A
Acetone N/A
Hexane N/A
Acetate N/A
Butane N/A
Propane N/A
Isopropanol N/A

Microbial Screen Tested

Yeast and Mold USP Pass
Aerobic Bacteria USP Pass