Industrial Hemp Certification

We offer industrial hemp THC content certification in accordance with California and USDA industrial hemp regulations. Download the chain of custody form here.

California Hemp Compliance Testing Process

Hemp Field


Hemp cultivation must be allowed in your area and growers must follow local laws for registering, procuring, and growing industrial hemp.

Pre-Harvest Reporting

State regulations require that industrial hemp must be reported to local government before harvest. The crop must be the approved cultivar previously registered.

When this pre-harvest report is filed, testing of the crop ready for harvest can then take place.


The crop must be randomly sampled on site by a commissioned party.  You can choose to have the sampling done by the commissioning agency,  usually by a local department of agriculture inspector or another agency depending on the rules of your county.

Our flat-rate price for hemp compliance testing is $279, and we offer a flat-fee pickup within 100 miles.  

Full service pricing can be found here.


After analysis, we issue you a certificate of analysis so your hemp is legal to sell.  The criteria is a THC content of less than 0.3%.


Download the CDFA chain of custody form here or Contact us for more details or to set up a pickup or sampling!