How to Get Started / FAQ

We’re open Monday through Friday 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM serving Southern California from our San Diego, CA laboratory.

Please contact us to schedule a drop off or pickup. We cover San Diego, Los Angeles, the Coachella Valley, Inland Empire and everywhere in between. On-call pickups are available with a minimum testing purchase; scheduled pickups have no minimum.  Pickups are always free.

We always appreciate cash and also accept payment by cards.  Looking for pricing information?

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I test cannabis for sale?  Yes, if you have a license, but anyone can test if they’re not selling product.  We are a state-licensed, accredited lab that performs cannabis testing.

Do you test industrial hemp?  Sure do.  We can help you through the process if you’re new to it, or we can save you time and money if you test with us.  Check out our hemp sampling page for more information.

Do I need to set up an account?  Currently no, but due to state regulations you must be a California BCC licensee, an adult over the age of 21, or a medical patient for cannabis testing.

How much does a potency test cost?  $99 or less.  There is no additional charge for photos, edibles, pickup, etc. You can see more pricing information here or contact us here with questions.

How do I get you the sample? Can I ship it? We cannot accept cannabis samples by mail.  We can accept hemp by mail from any state, but there are specific requirements. THC samples can be dropped off at our lab, or we can arrange a free pickup if you’re in Southern California.

How big does the sample size need to be? California compliance testing sample size varies per state regulations, but we don’t need much for reference testing.  About 0.5 grams for concentrates, 1 gram for flower, or 2 grams for edibles/tinctures/topicals, per test.  Pesticides testing requires about twice as much sample. 

How long does it take to get results?  Usually results for all services turn around in 2 – 5 business days; often faster for many services. 

How do I get the results? Your results are sent to you by email and available in your account on

Are you ISO accredited?  Yes!  We are a licensed lab and hold an ISO 17025 accreditation for testing.  Click here to see our accreditation certificate.

Can I pay extra to expedite my results? Accuracy and speed sometimes compete, so we do not charge a fee to expedite your results.  We are happy to give you results sooner at your request if we are able to.  Just ask.

Do you use GC or HPLC for potency profiling? HPLC-UV/Vis.  Check out our cannabis testing page for the technology of each test.

Pickup Schedule: Call for a free pickup any time.  We can honor most pickup requests with 1-day notice.