Licensed & Accredited Cannabis Analysis

We collaborated with the United Medical Marijuana Coalition of San Diego on this study of Vitamin E acetate in vape catridges. Check out our latest coverage in the news here.

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Medical cannabis analysis is the objective testing of various compounds in cannabis.  Since marijuana is living, every harvest yields a different medicine based on numerous known and unknown factors including the genetics, growing conditions, and time of harvest for each plant.

We offer industry-leading profiling of medical cannabis for efficacy and safety right here in North County San Diego, CA and all of Southern California, at the right price.

Cannabis should be tested because different medical conditions require different medicine.  Once a patient gets familiar with the testing, they have the information they need to understand which of their many options works best for their condition; such as edibles versus flowers or THC versus CBD.  We use modern science to help guide the use of traditional medicine. Additionally, the quality of medical marijuana should be assured.  Solvents, pesticides, and bacteria and mold are commonly present as the cannabis industry becomes more commercialized.

Everyone insists their products are “top shelf.” Analysis proves it.  Cannabis is a plant not a pill, and everyone is different.  We are not some weed lab showing you the highest numbers.  The services or our cannabis test lab offer insight to help patients find the overall experience and effectiveness of their medical marijuana. When paying premium prices, insist on a detailed cannabinoid profile so you know what works for you.

Lab testing is not just a good idea, it’s a requirement of California law.  See our information page for more on California Compliance.

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