California Compliance

Coastal Analytical is paying close attention to cannabis legislation as it develops so we can provide our customers with compliant lab testing.  As the releases of regulations continue, we will review the regulations and update our services in accordance with applicable rules.

The California Bureau of Cannabis Control has established a protocol to be followed in order to release cannabis for sale.  Please contact us if you have questions on this process such as pricing, sampling, pass criteria, etc.

The California Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act (MMRSA) was signed into law in 2015 and has created new requirements for medical cannabis.  In 2016, the voters of California approved a measure called the Medical Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act (MCRSA) to create regulation around recreational use of cannabis.  These regulations are still being finalized.

If you fail to comply with the MMRSA, you are more likely to suffer criminal penalties than you were previously for marijuana violations.  Previously you could be in compliance with State Law even if you failed to comply with local ordinances. Now, if you fail to comply with local law, you are in violation of State Law and are at risk for being prosecuted criminally.

Since the law is in effect but is not yet being enforced, being involved with medical cannabis creates legal requirements that should be considered.

One of those requirements is lab testing.

Staying in compliance with the law is not only smart for personal protection, but it’s good business.  Existing cannabis businesses in good standing will receive preference from the state for licensing.  While we don’t offer legal advice, we often get the same questions from our customers, and following the law early, not for just lab testing, could be beneficial.  We can point you in the right direction.